jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

The Hive

After a sad sad week with out my compuer i am using my sister`s again to post something, otherwise this blog would be called "The neglected blog", wich i kind of like it, but thats not the point.
Any way, i found in Loose leaf tigers a really great art project called The Hive, wich consist in a photography project, kind of collective, it is directed by Kyle Cassidy who told another 23 artists to take a photo when he sended a text messagge, whenever they where, s some photos are really great, other ones are like...the ones you take at home, ha ha ha, but any way the project is really cool, so take a look t it.

"I've not been to Paris, but I know what the Eiffel tower looks like. I've seen it from multiple angles, and I've seen it at night. What I haven't seen is the laundry room of the apartment complex a mile from the center of town -- and that's really what I'm interested in -- the quiet, unknown moments that make up our lives."
--- Kyle Cassidy

I may take more weeks posting too litle... :(, I miss my computer!!

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