jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

Green peace design awards

Green Peace acaba de anunciar ya los ganadores de su concurso de cartel, este año fueron mas de 1500 participantes de todo el mundo!!al final se seleccionaron 29 finalistas, la tematica de este año fue "Be part of the action" y todos los carteles debian seguir los ideales de Green Peace: No violencia,la independencia y el actuar todos juntos, los ganadores seran anunciados el 31 de Julio, osea ya hoy, por que son las 12:55 de la noche(madrugada siempre me ha sonado como demasiado)y demas va a ser en Sydney osea que ya mero.
Todos los carteles finalistas son realmente increibles, veanlos y diganme que opinan.

Eychenne Marco

Green Peace just anounced the winers of the poster desings for this year, there where over 1500 participating posters and only 29 finalists, this year`s theme was "Be part of the action" and all the posters should had follow Green Peace`s ideals: no violence, independence(from other organizations), and to act together, the winers will be anounced July 31, thah means today, because is 01:01 in the night...and it`s on
Sydney, so...it might be hapening right now!

Ahmetshina, Yana

sábado, 18 de julio de 2009


Those chanel shoes

I just checked on the spring summer Chanel collection ready to wear and i saw he greatest shoes ever, you know i´ve being dreaming about this black and white kind of vintage shoes, but this chanel shoes took that dream and took it to the next level, because this are transparent!! and gorgeous!

jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

The Hive

After a sad sad week with out my compuer i am using my sister`s again to post something, otherwise this blog would be called "The neglected blog", wich i kind of like it, but thats not the point.
Any way, i found in Loose leaf tigers a really great art project called The Hive, wich consist in a photography project, kind of collective, it is directed by Kyle Cassidy who told another 23 artists to take a photo when he sended a text messagge, whenever they where, s some photos are really great, other ones are like...the ones you take at home, ha ha ha, but any way the project is really cool, so take a look t it.

"I've not been to Paris, but I know what the Eiffel tower looks like. I've seen it from multiple angles, and I've seen it at night. What I haven't seen is the laundry room of the apartment complex a mile from the center of town -- and that's really what I'm interested in -- the quiet, unknown moments that make up our lives."
--- Kyle Cassidy

I may take more weeks posting too litle... :(, I miss my computer!!